Goodbye First Direct Lab

Goodbye and thanks for all the feedback!

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In 2011 we introduced the first direct Lab, a testing site that was all about involving users in what we do. Recently, we’ve decided that the time has come to close the Lab to make way for bigger and better things…

We were the first UK bank to use co-creation as a way of designing new products and services – and since then we’ve used your feedback to help shape them.

The Lab is just part of our process when creating new and exciting things – we use many different types of research and we always consult customers if we’ve got something exciting in the pipelines. And with new platforms emerging all the time, we’ve decided to take a fresh new look at how we can get our customers involved. Therefore, we’ve decided to discontinue the Lab.

We’ve had loads of great feedback from the Lab community over the years and we’d like to send massive thanks to everyone who contributed, in whatever way. We’ve not always been able to implement all your ideas, but we’ve always taken on board the feedback we’ve been given so we can offer customers the very best digital experience.

And if you have any feedback in the future, you can contact us here